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link to p4u2 ost download? → Anonymous


  • Tea’s favorite fonts collection: 18 fonts including Aliens League, Anarchistic, Arvil, Babydoll, Bird Feather, Ballpark, California, Carnivalee Freakshow, Coca Cola, Complete In Him, Danube, Franchise, Harry P, Haymaker, Infinity, LeviBrush, Pirmokas and Ranger.
  • Disclaimer: We do not own these fonts!
  • Download the pack here.


Here’s a list of fonts I use for typesetting manga, making signs/banners, etc.

This is not necessarily a list of “good” fonts; some of these fonts are heavily flawed design-wise but are effective in very small quantities, such as sound effects, or used with certain words.

I was too lazy to categorize them by type but if that’s something people want, then I’ll do it.


BakaThemes Anime Theme #05 - Free!

Preview | Static Preview | Code

  • 250px or 500px posts
  • up to 6 customized links
  • enable/disable infinite scroll & show tags



hello hello! man i am on a theme-ing roll honestly i mean i made three in the last week. anyways this is the skyview theme (my best theme as of yet honestly), and it is the single most customizable theme i have ever made


  • 250px, 300px and 400px posts
  • full color control of posts, sidebar, permalinks, borders, sidepic borders, tooltips and all they entail
  • select your font, description text align, permalink text align and 
  • opacity control, turns your posts sem-transparent (or transparent if you want)! use the rgb code for a color other than black or white (the code for white is 255,255,255, so put 255 in the red, blue and green text boxes; black is 0,0,0 so put 0 in the text boxes). to turn posts completely transparent, select the no borders + enter “0” into opacity
  • inline sidebar (with the option to turn that off if you so choose)
  • alternate floating sidebar that you can set the width of and position!
  • gradient background that changes as you scroll (use responsibly!)
  • maximum-sized background or regular background, just make sure the gradient and maximum BG is turned off if you want a regular background.
  • choice of link pixels, dropdown link menu or button text links
  • optional borders / rounded corners
  • floating image + sidebar icon, the sidebar icon shows up on permalink pages as well as your links if you select the default sidebar style.
  • back to top button, pagination and music player in a fixed position for easy access
  • floating render image, of which you can control the position and the size
  • option of either billy OR flash mp3 player (billy player’s bubble code by fukuo)
  • optional grayscale and faded image filters
  • post wrapper that you can turn on and off, as well as customize the color.

i think that about covers it…! codes and previews are under the cut.

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Who ever sends you a ‘♥’ has a crush on you.


THEME #07THE BEAST BELOW by pirateamelia

live preview | code

  • six customizable links
  • x245 sidebar, but i suggest using either 245x120 or 245x130
  • 500px posts
  • keep your description under five lines or it will screw itself up
  • the color of the credit cube is optional, but i suggest using making it something bright, and nothing light colored or white
  • please like/reblog if you use or are thinking of using this theme


  • click here (MF) / here (deviantart) to download the zip file.

.zip includes 7 dark & grainy .png textures made from my own scans. (650x650px) Enjoy! :) 

Commercial use allowed. 



40. “Lora

Static preview:  (xxxxx)

Code: (xxxxx)

Theme features: 


*optional blog title

*optional navigation icons

*optional sidebar image

*optional description

*five custom links

*optional music player

*optional updates tab

*500px posts (1 column)


*webkit scrollbar

*Custom fonts

*colors are customizable

*container and sidebar can be bright or dark transparent, as well as solid color and you can also upload the background and sidebar background

*post info

*like and reblog buttons

For any questions or help message us to b0rn-to-be-wild—themes or euthanasia-for-mankind.