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About Page 01 (revamped) - Buddies A/Z

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  • Optimized for Google Chrome 1280x800 resolution (but it should work on most browsers and resolutions)
  • Header & sidebar layout
  • Unlimited text/sections


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  • Header image 750x150
  • Sidebar image 250x350

The page does not come with the colors/images in the preview.

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Since I hit 6k, I’ve decided to make a resource pack to celebrate this huge milestone. This pack contains psds made by me which include both pastel and normal coloring to be used for interviews/tv shows/movies/whatever, along with my favorite textures and actions. Both the actions and textures were not made by me and the credit belongs to the people who made them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and my ask box is always open. 


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link to p4u2 ost download? → Anonymous


  • Tea’s favorite fonts collection: 18 fonts including Aliens League, Anarchistic, Arvil, Babydoll, Bird Feather, Ballpark, California, Carnivalee Freakshow, Coca Cola, Complete In Him, Danube, Franchise, Harry P, Haymaker, Infinity, LeviBrush, Pirmokas and Ranger.
  • Disclaimer: We do not own these fonts!
  • Download the pack here.


Here’s a list of fonts I use for typesetting manga, making signs/banners, etc.

This is not necessarily a list of “good” fonts; some of these fonts are heavily flawed design-wise but are effective in very small quantities, such as sound effects, or used with certain words.

I was too lazy to categorize them by type but if that’s something people want, then I’ll do it.


BakaThemes Anime Theme #05 - Free!

Preview | Static Preview | Code

  • 250px or 500px posts
  • up to 6 customized links
  • enable/disable infinite scroll & show tags



hello hello! man i am on a theme-ing roll honestly i mean i made three in the last week. anyways this is the skyview theme (my best theme as of yet honestly), and it is the single most customizable theme i have ever made


  • 250px, 300px and 400px posts
  • full color control of posts, sidebar, permalinks, borders, sidepic borders, tooltips and all they entail
  • select your font, description text align, permalink text align and 
  • opacity control, turns your posts sem-transparent (or transparent if you want)! use the rgb code for a color other than black or white (the code for white is 255,255,255, so put 255 in the red, blue and green text boxes; black is 0,0,0 so put 0 in the text boxes). to turn posts completely transparent, select the no borders + enter “0” into opacity
  • inline sidebar (with the option to turn that off if you so choose)
  • alternate floating sidebar that you can set the width of and position!
  • gradient background that changes as you scroll (use responsibly!)
  • maximum-sized background or regular background, just make sure the gradient and maximum BG is turned off if you want a regular background.
  • choice of link pixels, dropdown link menu or button text links
  • optional borders / rounded corners
  • floating image + sidebar icon, the sidebar icon shows up on permalink pages as well as your links if you select the default sidebar style.
  • back to top button, pagination and music player in a fixed position for easy access
  • floating render image, of which you can control the position and the size
  • option of either billy OR flash mp3 player (billy player’s bubble code by fukuo)
  • optional grayscale and faded image filters
  • post wrapper that you can turn on and off, as well as customize the color.

i think that about covers it…! codes and previews are under the cut.

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Who ever sends you a ‘♥’ has a crush on you.


THEME #07THE BEAST BELOW by pirateamelia

live preview | code

  • six customizable links
  • x245 sidebar, but i suggest using either 245x120 or 245x130
  • 500px posts
  • keep your description under five lines or it will screw itself up
  • the color of the credit cube is optional, but i suggest using making it something bright, and nothing light colored or white
  • please like/reblog if you use or are thinking of using this theme