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BakaThemes Theme #10 - False Love Theme

Preview | Static Preview | Code

  • 500px posts only
  • up to 9 customized links
  • banner & up to 3 sidebar pictures
  • enable/disable infinite scroll
  • enable/disable switch sidebar positions
  • enable/disable about box on top
  • enable/disable italic text
  • enable/disable show caption
  • enable/disable avatar
  • enable/disable sidebar images
  • enable/disable music player
  • enable/disable update tabs



NOTE: Theme optimized for Chrome.  

 400px posts (only)
 background / sidebar / sidebar bg image
 pagination (only)
 up to 5 custom links
 up to 5 more(!!!) extra links in sidebar
 monochrome posts
 faded images
 option to show tags
 option to show captions

This one was fun to make! Inspired by the song ‘Andare’ by Ludovico Einaudi, which is Italian for to go/to travel/to run (if I’m not mistaken!) Anyway, there’s no infinite scrolling on this one. From a design perspective, I believe the pagination helps to balance things out. Same with the 400px size… this theme is meant to be petite, and sit in the middle of your screen.

Let me know if you run into any problems! Please like or reblog if using :3


You may find other gif textures from (1),(2) and  (3)

  1. Do not redistribute
  2. Crediting is up to you
6 grainy textures.
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(Source: realitydawns)


+ more. | xx or xx | (x)

Happy New Year

you may edit them

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In order to celebrate hitting my first hundred, I have compiled some of my favorite textures and put them up for download. These are mixed textures, ranging from grunge textures to frames to minimalist. 

  • Over 50 textures in this .rar file
  • None are made by me, credit goes to their respective owners
  • Please like or reblog if you download
  • Download [x]


THEME 006 - Photoshop CC

[Live Preview] [Code← wait for 5 seconds and click “skip ad”

  • Photoshop CC based interface
  • Unique loading page
  • Sidebar image: 370 x 200 px
  • 400px posts, and will resize to fit smaller screens
  • 3 custom titles
  • Hover tags
  • Like / reblog buttons
  • Six custom links
  • Description with scrollbar if needed
  • Option to enable / disable icons on ask posts
  • Built in audio art for posts lacking it
  • Option for custom cursor

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Check out my other themes here! Any problems or questions regarding my theme? Feel free to message me!

Theme #22 Haedus by Riverbell themes

With inspiration from clean, modern web sites, I present Haedus. With tons of different options and features, this theme can become really personal and suits any blog.

ver 1.0.0
» preview + code


  • 500/400/250px in one column
  • In total six layout selections; centered/left aligned/right aligned + sidebar on left/right side
  • Drop down ask (see notes)
  • Infinite scrolling/jump pagination
  • 10 custom links + page links
  • Custom reblog and like buttons
  • Optional greyscale posts
  • Optional white tumblr controls
  • Custom Google fonts (see notes)
  • 11 optional social icons (see notes)
  • Disqus support (see notes)


Do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations for personal use are ok! 


Instructions for the ask box, Google fonts, social icons and Disqus feature are all available in the live preview. Be sure to read these before asking questions!


muerte en hawaii theme by leo


  • 400px posts
  • side img inside of sidebar
  • dropdown navi
  • option for tiled or maximised background
  • favicon
  • option to remove borders
  • colour options for background, links, text, permalink, borders, etc…
  • option to remove shadow
  • option to hide album art on audio posts

live pv / code / questions


About Page 01 (revamped) - Buddies A/Z

[live preview] [code] [deutscherthemes]


  • Optimized for Google Chrome 1280x800 resolution (but it should work on most browsers and resolutions)
  • Header & sidebar layout
  • Unlimited text/sections


[terms of use]


  • Header image 750x150
  • Sidebar image 250x350

The page does not come with the colors/images in the preview.

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