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Hi~ I have here a pack of animations I made using Photoshop and After Effects. The zip folder includes 4 PSDs with the four animations seen above. The dimensions are 1280x1280 pixels. Feel free to use these. Please like/reblog this post in exchange~ uvu [download]  [new download link]

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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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gif pack #2 | download (.rar) | download (.zip)

Contains 4 psds of the gifs above in which you’ll be able to play around with the colours (I’d like to see you try though bc some of them have quite a lot of layers hehe) and frame delay of the shapes.

Also, just letting you know that some of the layers and frames of the crown one can be deleted to get a halo. How exciting!!1!

I’m going to guess that you’d know what to do with these, but if you’re clueless then click here for a poopy tutorial.

Feel free to ask any questions, and have fun!

theme #25
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  • Infinite Scroll !
  • 400 / 500 Size Posts
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  • Header Banner
  • 6 Header Links
  • 8 Side Links
  • Side Blogroll
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  • Thank you. 

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 Am Not Sad, I Am Not Sick is now available as a PDF for digital download.

"I Am Not Sad, I Am Not Sick: An Autobio Zine" debuted at Twin Cities Zinefest 2013. It is a 15-page black-and-white zine based on mental and emotional struggles of the author.

Here it is on tumblr. It’s $3 (or pay-what-you-want on Gumroad!). I’ve cleaned it up quite a bit and added grey tones to give the drawings a bit more depth. It’s a very personal piece and I hope you’ll consider picking it up.

This zine does include references to self-harm and suicidal ideation.



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some people need to understand this shit

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Shanghai.EXE is a Touhou fangame, made in the style of Battle Network.

It seems pretty fun! MidniteWv4 is showing off a cool battle against Cirno.EXE.


Makai Dokis! is a fan-made visual novel that takes place in the world of Disgaea 4. You play as an Unprinny (default name: Hiro) who was sent to Hades after a tragic car accident. Your mission is to find love!

This is our Emizel release; he has 3 possible endings. There’s also a matchmaking sidestory where you can see these pairings: ValvatorezxFenrich, FenrichxArtina, ArtinaxFlonne, LaharlxEtna, and Flonne Harem.





**Chrome users: It will probably give you a malicious file warning. It’s lying to you. Open your downloads with Ctrl+J and tell it to stop.


Hey ragna(and other people) Read Stealth Symphony



✄ ALMANDINE: live / static | RHODONITE: live / static | VIEW CODE ✄

  • 46 colour options
  • 9 custom links (click-activated)
  • 1 column only
  • small posts option (400px)
  • show captions option
  • monochrome posts option
  • infinite scrolling option
  • fading photos option
  • popup blogroll option
  • permalink pokemon pixels option
  • white photoset lightbox (courtesy of ladmilk uvu)

This theme has a lot of freedom when it comes to the pixels and icons, so I’ll write a tutorial about how to upload your own ones asap, as well as (maybe) post a resource of individual rpg icons from 7soul1. You can get pokemon sprites from here!

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